If you are interested in organising a 3MT competition for your School/Institute/University, below are some Frequently Asked Questions that will help you get started.

Are there any reasons students will be hesitant to participate?

Every research candidate has different reasons for participating or for not getting involved. 

A common theme among students is a fear of public speaking, perceived English language barriers or a lack of time. As 3MT is designed as a skills training activity to encourage students to develop their public speaking skills, UQ employs some of the following techniques to support our students.

  1. Online Resources: UQ can provide an information pack for 3MT competitors, which includes useful tips for preparation. UQ Staff/Event Coordinators can access the materials here, alternatively Event Coordinators from other Universities/Institutions can request access to the resouces here.  Videos of previous 3MT competitors from around the globe can be viewed on the 3MT website.
  2. Information Sessions: UQ hosts a number of information sessions about 3MT for interested students and staff. These sessions are then followed up by information sessions about presentation skills and media awareness.
  3. Tailored Support: UQ also provides one-on-one support for any students considering participating in the competition. UQ works with individual schools to encourage participation among student cohorts.

Can I change the name of the event?

No, please refer to the event as Three Minute Thesis Competition, or 3MT®.

Can I modify the 3MT logo or develop my own 3MT logo for my local competition?

Only the official 3MT logo can be used at 3MT events.  The official logo is available in a number of different file formats and provided in the 3MT resources pack upon registration to host a 3MT. Please note that UQ has trademarked the 3MT logo. As such, the trademark symbol (®) must accompany the 3MT abbreviation and logo at all times.  Please also refer to the 3MT branding guidelines for further guidance on using the logo and and the 3MT brand at your event.

Do I have to provide prizes of a certain value at my local 3MT?

No, there is no set minimum or maximum prize value for each 3MT. UQ provided prizes to the value of: $5,000 (Winner), $2,000 (Runner-up) and $1,000 (People’s Choice), all in the form of research travel and study grants.

How can I ensure my 3MT is not biased toward a certain discipline?

It is important to ensure that your judging panel is balanced by discipline, and briefed about the values and judging criteria of 3MT. We also recommend that speakers, speech notes, and prizes reflect the diversity of research wherever possible.

This is the first year we are hosting a 3MT competition. Where do we start?

  • In the first instance you are required to contact The University of Queensland to request permission to host a 3MT competition. You will need permission to use all UQ's resources such as the 3MT logo.
  • It is also recommend that you speak with your university’s Graduate School to discuss resources, support, promotion and how the event may work alongside any existing university initiatives.
  • With your university’s support, we then recommend that you secure a date and venue for your university competition. With your competition date set, you will then be able to start to promote the 3MT concept to your schools and faculties and encourage them to host and promote their own competitions. You are also welcome to contact the UQ Graduate School for advice at 3MT@uq.edu.au.

What event management and promotional resources are available?

UQ has developed a range of templates to assist Event Coordinators create clear and recognisable marketing and communication materials.  For UQ (staff) Event Coorindators, materials can be downloaded via the Graduate School Intranet.   For Event Coordinators from other Australian and International Universities/Institutions, these templates can be accessed by registering your event.

What is allowed on the presenter's 3MT PowerPoint slide?

One single static PowerPoint slide is permitted. In preparing the slide, remember that 'less is more'. It does not have to include text. Visual cues are very effective in assisting the presenter's explanation of their research (No slide transitions, animations, sound or 'movement' is permitted).

What happens if our winner is not a confirmed candidate?

In the event that a provisional candidate wins the Faculty/Institute Final, the Runner-up and/or People’s Choice winner i.e. the next highest ranked competitor providing they are a confirmed candidate will proceed to the final.

Can the 3MT be hosted in a language other than English?

Yes, the 3MT can be held in any language.  Please ensure that you adhere to the branding guidelines.  For the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition, competitors are required to present in English.

What is the Wildcard competition?

This is a stage of the 3MT competition where the People’s Choice winner from each Faculty/Combined Institute final can be given the chance to compete in a Wildcard Final hosted by the university.  If the faculty winner is also the people’s choice, the runner-up will proceed to the Wildcard Final. The top wildcard finalist will be offered the opportunity to compete in the university final.