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UQ Winner 2017
The University of Queensland
'Drones - gone with the wind'
UQ Runner-Up & People's Choice 2017
The University of Queensland
'Clamping down on the flavours of Flu'
UQ Winner 2016
The University Of Queensland
'Dying to talk'
Asia-Pacific Winner 2016
Australian National University
'Targeting the root of vision loss'
Asia-Pacific Runner-up 2016
University of Melbourne
'Teenage crime. Making sense of it.'
Asia-Pacific People's Choice Winner 2016
University of Wollongong
'From storytelling to story writing'
UQ Runner-up 2016
The University of Queensland
'Taming the chimera'
University of Calgary Winner 2016
'Why do Canadian millennial teachers leave the profession?'
Notre Dame Winner 2016
'Dancing bridges: A human-centered approach to prevent flutter in footbridges'
UMKC Winner 2016
Uni of Missouri Kansas City
'Countering climate change'
University of Idaho Winner 2016
'Liquid detectives: Titan's evaporites'
Trent University Winner 2016
'Beyond the prison walls: Gender differences on the effects of parental incarceration'
Grand Prize Winner 2017
The University of Missouri-Kansas City
University of Notre Dame, 2017 Winner
'Transmedia Traditions: Re-making Medieval Romance'
University at Buffalo, 1st Place Award 2017
'Test Phantom Fingers for higher Biometric Security'
Marquette University, 2017 Winner
“The Colored Problem”--Milwaukee’s White Urban Churches Respond to the Second Great Migration
University of Minnesota, 2017 First Place
"Studying how Stem Cells Behave in the Heart"
University of Miami, 2017 First Place
Effects of the Environmental Pollutant, PCBs, on the Gut
University of Miami, 2017 First Place
Sexual Orientation Disclosure and Concealment: A Model-Driven Meta-Analysis