Watch 3MT presentations from around the world

Asia-Pacific Winner & People's Choice 2018
Universiti Putra Malaysia
'Dengue Detective'
Asia-Pacific Runner-Up 2018
Macquarie University
'Can the brain speak when the mouth can't?'
UQ Winner 2018
The University of Queensland
'Maintaining the magic of migration'
UQ Runner-Up 2018
The University of Queensland
'Fight creepy with crawly'
UQ People's Choice 2018
The University of Queensland
'Neural stem cells and the pursuit of happiness'
Asia-Pacific Winner 2017
Universiti Malaysia Pahang
'Catalyzing Change: Light at the end of the tunnel'
Asia-Pacific Runner-up 2017
James Cook University
'Let's talk about sex change'
UQ Winner 2017
The University of Queensland
'Drones - gone with the wind'
UQ Runner-Up & People's Choice 2017
The University of Queensland
'Clamping down on the flavours of Flu'
UQ Winner 2016
The University Of Queensland
'Dying to talk'
Asia-Pacific Winner 2016
Australian National University
'Targeting the root of vision loss'
Asia-Pacific Runner-up 2016
University of Melbourne
'Teenage crime. Making sense of it.'
Asia-Pacific People's Choice Winner 2016
University of Wollongong
'From storytelling to story writing'
UQ Runner-up 2016
The University of Queensland
'Taming the chimera'
University of Calgary - Winner 2016
'Why do Canadian millennial teachers leave the profession?'
Notre Dame - Winner 2016
'Dancing bridges: A human-centered approach to prevent flutter in footbridges'
Uni of Missouri Kansas City - Winner 2016

'Countering climate change'
University of Idaho - Winner 2016
'Liquid detectives: Titan's evaporites'
Trent University - Winner 2016
'Beyond the prison walls: Gender differences on the effects of parental incarceration'
The University of Missouri-Kansas City - Grand Prize Winner 2017
University of Notre Dame - 2017 Winner
'Transmedia Traditions: Re-making Medieval Romance'
University at Buffalo - 1st Place Award 2017
'Test Phantom Fingers for higher Biometric Security'
Marquette University - 2017 Winner
'"The Colored Problem”--Milwaukee’s White Urban Churches Respond to the Second Great Migration'
University of Minnesota - 2017 First Place
'Studying how Stem Cells Behave in the Heart'
University of Miami - 2017 First Place
'Effects of the Environmental Pollutant, PCBs, on the Gut'
University of Miami - 2017 First Place
'Sexual Orientation Disclosure and Concealment: A Model-Driven Meta-Analysis'
Iowa State University - 2017 First Place Winner
'Studying Microbubbles to Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)'
Iowa State University - 2017 Second Place Winner
'Parkinson’s Disease: An Unheard Tale of Microglia'
University of Kentucky - 2017 First Place Winner
"Small in Size but Big by Function: How a Molecule Called TLR4 May Affect Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm"
Marquette University - 2018 Runner Up
"Coping Responses to Racial Microaggressions Among African-American Doctoral Students in Psychology"
Marquette University - 2018 Winner and People's Choice
"Resisting the Pain Epidemic: Pumping Up Pain Relief"
National Taiwan University - 2017 Winner
"Reclaiming the Power of Maps"