2017 University of Queensland 3MT Final

Congratulations to the 2017 UQ finalists!

Faculty Name
Business, Economics & Law Ashley Ding (UQ Business School)
Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology Edwin Davis (School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering) WINNER
Health & Behavioural Sciences Melissa Brinums (School of Psychology)
Medicine Joana Revez (QIMR Berghofer)
Humanities & Social Sciences Michael Jennings (School of Education)
Science Chris McMillan (School of Chemistry & Molecular Bioscience)
All-Institutes Anahita Mizani (Qld Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation)
Wildcard Shari O'Brien (School of Human Movement & Nutrition Sciences)


The UQ Graduate School will award the following prizes at the 2017 UQ 3MT Final

  • Winner: $5000 grant provided by UniBank, Grand Sponsor of the 2017 UQ 3MT Final
  • Runner Up: $2000 grant, sponsored by Boeing
  • People's Choice: $1000 grant, provided by Alumni Friends, donators of the 3MT People's Choice award

In 2017, in celebration of the Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee, Alumni Friends are generously donating prizes to the value of $1,000 each for the 8 finalists competing in the 2017 UQ 3MT Final.  A summary of the prizes for each of the finalists are listed below:

  • Faculty of Business, Economics and Law: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize
  • Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize: The Brian McGrath Bursary
  • Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize
  • Faculty of Medicine: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize: The Dr Konrad Hirschfeld CBE Award
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize: Fisher Family Award
  • Faculty of Science: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize: The Lorna McCreadie Award
  • All-Institutes: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize: The Moffett Family Award
  • Wildcard entrant: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Golden Jubilee Prize

The winner of the UQ Final will also represent UQ at the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition.

Sponsors & Donors

The University of Queensland is grateful to the following sponsors and donors for their support of the 2017 UQ 3MT final.





UQ School / Institute / Faculty Heats

Please refer to the below table for information on the 2017 UQ School, Institute and Faculty 3MT Events:
Faculty / School / Institute
Date / Time
Contact to register or attend
UQ Wildcard Competition Tues 22 August, 2pm AIBN (#75) Seminar Room 3mt@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Business, Economics & Law - FINAL

Mon 7 August, 2pm

Seminar Room 275, Global Change Institute

Andrea Martin / research@bel.uq.edu.au

School of Business

Fri 7 July, 2pm

Level 1-Room 132, Sir Llew Edwards (#14)

Julie Cooper / j.cooper@business.uq.edu.au

School of Economics

Thurs 3 Aug, 10am

School of Economics Boardroom

Alys Hohnen / a.hohnen@uq.edu.au

School of Law

Fri 14 July, 12pm

Rm W353, TC Beirne School of Law Boardroom, Forgan Smith Building

Ruth Delaforce / r.delaforce@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology - FINAL 

Wed 2 August, 10:30am

Advanced Engineering Building, Room 313A 

Kimberley Nunes / research@eait.uq.edu.au

School of Architecture

Wed 7 June

Zelman Cowen Building (51) - Rm 207

Laura Misiak / rhdstudentenquiries@itee.uq.edu.au

School of Chemical Engineering (including Advanced Water Management Centre)

Wed 12 July, 10am

AIBN Level 1 Seminar Room

June Nicholson / rhdadmin@chemeng.uq.edu.au

School of Civil Engineering

Thurs 6 July, 2pm

Sir Llew Edwards Bldg (#14), Terrace Room (lvl 6)

Selina Weller / s.weller@uq.edu.au

School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

Thurs 13 July, 11am

AEB Building 49 - Room 502

Laura Misiak / rhdstudentenquiries@itee.uq.edu.au 

School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering

Fri 30 June, 2pm

Hawken Engineering Bldg (50), N201

Kristin Greer / enquiries@mechmining.uq.edu.au

Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences - FINAL 

Thurs 3 August, 10am

St. Leo’s Boardroom, St. Leo’s College (#36F), College Rd

Alisa Pratt / habs.research@uq.edu.au

School of Health & Rehabilitation Science

Thurs 20 July, 1pm

Therapies Building (84A), room 325

Hayley Sycz / rhdadmin.shrs@uq.edu.au

School of Human Movement & Nutrition Sciences

Fri 21 July, 12pm

Room 219, Building 26B

Sally Goodwin / hmns.rhd@uq.edu.au

School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

Wed, 7 June


Carmen McNaught / nmsw.research@uq.edu.au

School of Pharmacy

Wed 12 July, 9am

PACE Auditorium

Myrtle Sahabandu and Felicity Lindberg research@pharmacy.uq.edu.au

School of Psychology

Frid 28 July, 11am

McElwain Building (24A), Room 204

Alison Pike / rhdadmin@psy.uq.edu.au

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences - FINAL 

Wed 9 Aug, 9:30am

Innes Room, Union College, 38 Upland Road, St Lucia Campus

Rachel Smith / research@hass.uq.edu.au

School of Education



Michelle Weston / rhdeducation@uq.edu.au

School of Communication & Arts

Wed 7 June

Zelman Cowen Building (51) - Rm 207

Angela Tuohy / rhdcommarts@uq.edu.au 

School of Historical & Philosophical Inquiry

Fri 28 July, 10:30am

Forgan Smith, Room E302 

Judy King / rhd-hapi@uq.edu.au

School of Languages & Cultures

Wed 19 July, 10am

Room 209, Gordon Greenwood Building

Katrina Hume / postgrad.slccs@uq.edu.au

School of Music

Wed 7 June

Zelman Cowen Building (51) - Rm 207

Elizabeth Farrington / musicrhd@uq.edu.au

School of Political Science & International Studies

Fri 21 July, 10am

General Purpose North 3 (39A), Rm 537

Marja Knuuttila / rhd.polsis@uq.edu.au

School of Social Science

Mon 17 July, 10:30am

Michie Building, Level 4, Seminar Room 443

Anne Dighton / pgsocialscience@uq.edu.au

Institute for Social Science Research

Thurs 27 July, 2pm

Long Pocket, Cycad Bld - rm 201

Lisa Pope / issrpgao@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Medicine FINAL

Tues 11 July, 11am

ES Meyers Lecture Theatre, Mayne Medical School (#881), Herston

Maxine Wienert / med.rhd@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Medicine (South) 

Friday 30 June, 2pm

Physiology Lecture Theatre 63-360

James Mather / med.rdh@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Medicine (North) 

Thursday June 29, 1pm 

UQCCR Auditorium

Ali Bath / med.rdh@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Science - FINAL

Wed 2 Aug, 2pm

AIBN Seminar room

Whitney Woods / w.woods@uq.edu.au

School of Agriculture & Food Sciences
(St Lucia)

Tues 4 July, 10am

Bldg 82D - Room 301

Kaye Hunt / rhd.safs@enquire.uq.edu.au

School of Agriculture & Food Sciences (Gatton)

Mon 3 July, 10:30am

Bldg 8150- Room 53

Kaye Hunt / rhd.safs@enquire.uq.edu.au

School of Biological Sciences

Fri 28 July, 4pm

Goddard Building (8) - Rm 139

Dr Vera Weisbecker / v.weisbecker@uq.edu.au

School of Chemistry & Molecular Bioscience



Abigail Downie / rhd@scmb.uq.edu.au

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Mon 24 July, 9am

314/315 (Planning Studio), Steele Building

Alex O'Keefe / rhd.sees@enquire.uq.edu.au

School of Mathematics & Physics

Thurs 20 July, 4pm

Priestly Building (#67), Room 141

Murray Kane / rhd-smp@uq.edu.au 

School of Veterinary Science

Wed 19 July, 12pm

Gatton Campus, Animal Industries Building (8103-132)

Annette Winter / vet_rhd@uq.edu.au

Institutes - FINAL 

Thurs 3 Aug, 10am

Sir James Foots Building (47a), SMI Level 4 Seminar Room and Lounge

Jacq Ross-Hagebaum / postgrad@smi.uq.edu.au

Australian Institute for Bioengineering & Nanotechnology

Thurs 27 July, 2pm

AIBN Seminar Room

Tony Miscamble / t.miscamble@uq.edu.au

Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI)

Fri 23 June, 3pm

CAI Seminar Room, Lvl 2, Building 57

Lorine Wilkinson / l.wilkinson@uq.edu.au

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Mon 17 July


Amanda Carozzi / postgrad-office@imb.uq.edu.au

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

Monday 24 July, 10am

Qld Bioscience Precinct (#80), Large Seminar Room (3.142)

Rosa Armitage / QAAFI_RHD@uq.edu.au

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Thurs 13 July, 10am

Sir James Foots Building (47a), SMI Level 4 Seminar Room and Lounge

Tess Dobinson / postgrad@smi.uq.edu.au

Resources for UQ competitors


Past UQ finalists

Past UQ 3MT finalists can be viewed here